Saturday, July 2, 2011

Drawing Prompts

So I recently made a goal for myself to draw at the very least one picture everyday. I realized I'll never get better as an artist if I don't draw everyday, so I told myself that for an entire year, I'll clock in at least one drawing everyday, to make it a burned in habit. Some days, my problem is that I don't know what to draw, so to solve this, I spent an entire hour creating a small bucket full of pieces of paper with random words written on them. The goal is that if I don't have something to draw for the day, I pull out a slip of paper from my idea prompt bucket, and draw whatever was pulled out. Some of the words were taken from , and some were words I thought of on my own. I really felt like it helped me find a focal point to draw, rather than spending hours figuring out what I wanted to draw. This is proving to be a very helpful method for me, so I recommend other artists to do the same! Some of the words are very simple (like boat), but depending on the mood you are in that day, you could end up drawing something totally different on another day in another mood, so it is very unpredictable with what you could end up with. I may revisit some of these words or drawings to see what else I can come up with. The possibilities are endless! And best of all, its always exercising your creativity, imagination, and most importantly your artist skills!

Today, my word was "FAIL". I spent about 20 minutes drawing all the pictures I could think of with that word, and here is what I came up with:

The total fail moment with the boyfriend goes in for a handshake, while the girlfriend's father goes for a more intimate hug. Things get... touched. Cheeks go red. FAIL.

I'm sure many women have gone through this FAIL moment. Ooops.

Suitcases opening is a big enough FAIL, its worse when "delicates" are exposed.

Aaaand just for fun, I did these two scribble doodles. They started off as lazy scribbles and ended up as these:
Yay for being excited to draw again! Felt like I lost my flame a little bit back there. Desperately fanning it back to life!