Monday, March 30, 2009

Deciphering Me

I was perusing around some of my favourite artists' blogs (including my classmates), and I was disappointed in myself for lack of productivity and growth this year in terms of my artwork. All my peers at school seem to have had tremendous improvement on their art, and for me... it felt like I was stuck in mediocrity. 

I created this blog eons before, but never posted anything. I suppose I made a ton of excuses for myself for not getting this thing started... but I think I was just procrastinating. Even worse, I was ashamed of my work. 

Then a friend of mine talked to me and told me "Just put stuff up----ANYTHING. Good or bad. Some stuff you learn from. Other stuff you can learn to be proud of." 

That pretty much deciphered who I was as a person. I've got good traits and bad traits... but I learn from anything. And there are experiences in my life that I'm proud of. If I just L I V E, then I'll learn from whatever comes my way.

So here's to you, SCOTT (scofo), for helping me get this started, and for finally helping me get outta this Artist Rutt. 


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