Thursday, November 19, 2009

Testing One Two Three...

I downloaded a free trial of the Mac version of Manga Studio Debut 4, just to try it out. I gotta say, I really really like the inking feel to this program! I've been constantly on the hunt for better ways to ink that are quicker than photoshop or illustrator, but before this program, I was out of luck (because photoshop really isn't the best inking program for me). When I saw an ad for this program on an animation magazine I bought, I thought "heck, lets try this out". So I downloaded the free trial, and Whaddya know, I loved it! It was super simple, something I know is completely devoted to the world of comics--both Western and Japanese. I think this may actually help me out with this graphic novel idea that I have lurking around in my head. I really wanna do it for real!

somebody... please get me this program for Christmas? Onegaishimasu?? ($54.99 CAD).
love you!

ps. This was just a trial chapter page for the graphic novel I'm sorta in the process of writing. The title, character, and style are all tentative... But the artist's name is SOLID! haha =) yay

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Rosanne said...

ahhh janine your artwork never fails to make me smile :D i'm gonna go through your other posts now, hehe :)