Friday, July 2, 2010

I Loathe The Last Airbender...

Shyamalan's version, that is.
I can't... even put... into words... the severe agony I felt during the excruciating pain of sitting through that dreadful hour and half. From the moment the screen displayed that cheap mockery of the Television Show's Opening... I knew it would be the longest movie of my life. I loathe you, mr. Director, for taking away everything that was lovable about the show, and turning it into an awful torture ride.

In recovery, I've decided to revisit a few of my past fanart of that beloved animated tv show. I've redrawn, recoloured, or restyled some of my fanart to see how my style's changed over the years. And because I really need an outlet to express my burning repugnance toward the live action movie.

Shyamalan.... never... again.

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Eddie West said...

Haha, i havent seen the last airbender, but i watched through the series with my roomate sean and loved every moment.. then sean went to see the movie when i was away in china and i had the pleasure of listening to his play by play of the entire movie, and how horrible it was. the sad part is now no director can do it properly..unless they wait a decade or two. very nice drawing by the way!