Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Doodle Bop

Its ironic how when I have lots of work to do, that's when I feel like doodling the most. good practice, terrible timing.

Pandaango Sa Ilaw. A filipino folk dance.

Tangled fanart. I loved Tangled!

I noticed that the easiest way to draw a dashing young man is to simply give him the playful eyebrows. instant sexy look.

Remix of a drawing I did a few years back of Alice in Wonderland.

Marker and Col-Erase.


Chenny said...

these are adorable!! and yes, that eyebrow totally adds sexyness...what a hunk! ;)

Scott Forbes said...

charming work as always, Janine!

Janine Antolin said...

Thanks guys! haha did you notice the eyebrow thing tooo? I was flipping through the Tangled artbook and the How to Train Your Dragon artbook and I noticed that the design of Flynn and Hiccup was "sexified" by simply adding the eyebrow thing. weird. LOL