Thursday, April 5, 2012


It seems the Bow and Arrow are becoming more popular with female protagonists these days (Artemis from Young Justice, Merida from Brave, and Katniss from Hunger Games). And while it is quite a kick butt weapon, I'd like to see a female with a more... brutish weapon, and wield it just a well as a man.

I don't know of many female characters whose first weapon of choice would be an axe (other than Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon), so I thought I'd play around with some ideas.

This is one of the first doodles I came up with.
 I'll prolly post the rest later.


ScottyMo said...

J9, someday you'll have to play some D&D with Sam and me. Your bad-assery would know no bounds!

Aminder Dhaliwal said...

I wanna see some sexy lumberjack women :D

Janine Antolin said...

@Scotty: haha ever since I saw an episode of Community where they play D&D, I've wanted to learn how to play!!!!! =D

@Aminder: haha sexy lumberjack women FOR THE WIN!