Friday, April 10, 2009

Strike Two of Antolin Birthdays

Happy 22nd birthday to my sister. 

In April there are three birthdays in my family: Mine, My sister's, and my mom's (my father calls it "BROKE" month). Today's my sister's, strike two of the Antolin line of birthdays...only one week after mine.

Every year, my sister and I try to make a bet to see who's birthday gets the sunny nice weather....and every year (including this year) I've lost, with not only cloudy, gloomy days... but windy, rainy, snowy---some sort of precipitation falls from the sky on my birthday. Miraculously, one week later, my sister's happens to have the sunshine. My sister claims that the heavens were just happier when she was born. Damn. I woke up this morning hoping that we'd finally BOTH have gloomy birthdays.... Not a chance. The sun was shining bright and glorious in my face. yayyyy. I lose.

Anyway, for many artists, including myself, there are always certain people who, upon discovering you artistic ability, strongly persist on having you draw them. Well, for me, that certain person is my sister. Every time I need help brainstorming ideas to draw, the scenario usually plays out something like this:
Janine: I need ideas.
Jenelle: For what?
Janine: Drawing.
Jenelle: Draw MEEEE!
Janine: I need to draw animals.
Jenelle: oh. Draw me AS an animal!

After years of refusing her persistent request to draw her (in every possible way, shape, form, and style), I finally took a shot and did it for her birthday present. When you're poor and penniless, its good to have artistic abilities to offer. People eat that up like cake ;)

So voila, sister. My very own caricature rendition of you.

I think its pretty swell, don't you think?


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