Saturday, December 12, 2009


This past year, I've been working with these guys in a Christian Reggae Group who've just recently finished recording an album. They've graciously commissioned me to do the album cover art for their debut record, and I was flattered--albeit a bit nervous, since I wasn't entirely sure that I could make my art crossover to a sort of urban style. But after many sketches, tons of style exploration, research, and all that shebang, we finally came to something we all liked and agreed upon.

When their album officially comes out, I'll link you guys, cuz you should all check them out. I've heard a couple of their songs and they're definitely blessed with God-given talent.

Anyway, here are some art pieces: the first two are the variations of the Album cover, the next three are their BIO art, and the last are sore of promotional images.

Enjoy =)

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