Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Swedish Term For Beef That is Roasted

A Thinking Character Assignment for 3D.
This is the rough block-in. I'll probably fill in with more animation during the break.
3D isn't my forte... but I'm trying... =(

This is the Layout Leica for my Action analysis project. Its just to show the camera move, and the key poses of the final animation. Its a truck out from the pinata and then the girl swings and misses. The final animation changed a little bit.

This is the animation of the girl only. The colours were simplified for an easier colour palette. If I have time, I'll colour it like I pictured in my head.
Her father is supposed to be beside her to give her the bamboo stick. That's why it sorta just appears outta nowhere.

This is the animation on top of the background. I'm so dumb, I animated the father, as well as a title slate, the camera move, and a little bit of music, but I forgot to save it on my USB before I left school, so now I gotta go back and get it to show my parents because they wanna see what I've been slaving away at school for overtime hours this entire semester.

I will post it as soon as I get it. I'm not ready to see my school yet. I've seen too much of that place too recently. I need a change of atmosphere.


Eddie West said...

wow Janine! your stuff is gorgeous! love the colours, wish i could see the full sized version though,

Scott Forbes said...

Really nice work Janine. The final product turned out great! Hope your holidays/break are going well.