Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Animal Life Drawing with Joe Weatherly!

gestures with the brush pen. warming up (twas cold that day!)
These guys had strange abnormal horns that twisted in weird but cool patterns

This guy kept pacing back and forth... So difficult to draw!

I think he knew a bunch of irritated art students were drawing him because just for kicks, he'd change direction and head all over the place!

The lioness was a little more cooperative. She posed

these lemurs had a very short attention span. like me during math.

Tuck Tucker brought in his dog who's a PRO life drawing model. He'd totally freeze and pose for 2 minutes. wonderful lil guy!

Finally, my favourite drawing of the batch: Tuck Tucker and his loyal friend.

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Sanju! said...

Class with Joe Weatherly?? SO JEALOUS.

Nice pen technique!