Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Colour Comps

for Fred & Emily's BG painting class.
Can you tell me what emotions are evoked from each comp?
Would definitely love some feedback. =)


Marcos B. Alvarado said...

First off, I gotta say that all three look beautiful. The colors are great and I love the looseness.
In terms of what I get from looking at them:
(1) I think its a feels calm, peaceful...I really like the blue and orange contrast!
(2) It looks like a night scene that's being illuminated by a explosion or fire that's off screen to the also seems like there's tension and hostility.
(3) This scene looks like "the calm after the storm"...there's a sense of relief, but also a strong sense of stillness (in my opinion)

Bryan Mann said...

Nice stuff Janine! I love your animal drawings a lot. Also, your character stuff is really fun. It's awesome that you got to learn from Fred and Emily. You probably learned so much. It was great talking to you on Wednesday. Hope you're having fun Nick-ing it up!

Janine Antolin said...

@Marcos: Thanks for the feedback!! Sometimes you get so caught up in your painting that you forget that you're trying to convey a story or mood. Its good having people tell you what they feel without you explaining what you were trying to depict.

@Bryan: Thanks Bryan! It was a pleasure talking to you too! Hope to some day meet you in person and put a face to a name/voice